Your Choices for the Psycho Therapy

The work of a psychologist is critical to health promotion. Unfortunately, there are many myths and prejudices related to this professional. For example, some people still believe that psychotherapy is only for those who suffer from mental disorders.

In recent years, it is possible to see efforts to demystify Psychology. Something everyone needs to know is that the psychologist doesn’t just work in the clinic. This profession is present in different fields of work, acting in individual and collective health. In no way is contact with psychologists only for those with a disease.

Do you want to know more about this profession? In this post, we talk about the functions of the psychologist, how psychotherapy works and how important it is to do this kind of follow-up. Enjoy. You can search by Havening near me now.

What is the role of psychologists?

As we said, the performance of these professionals is very wide and goes far beyond the clinical area. Psychology is gaining more and more space in our society. This shows recognition of their role in mediating healthier relationships whether at work, at school or with oneself.

The most common fields of practice for psychologists include, besides the clinic:

  • Human resources or corporate marketing teams.
  • Advisor in schools and colleges.
  • Hospitals and other health institutions.
  • Public policies of social assistance.
  • Juridical area.
  • Sports – serving high performance athletes or teams.

See how diverse the roles a psychologist can perform? In all these fields there is a common goal: to promote mental health. When working in a company, for example, the psychology professional selects employees and monitors their relationship with their work, with colleagues and with leaders.

At school, the psychologist will work with staff, students and families to promote healthy relationships. He can develop projects with students, mentor families in their relationship with their children, train teachers, offer lectures on situations and topics relevant to the school space, etc.

Psychologists working in the legal field may compose conflict mediation teams, assist inmates, assist at-risk persons, conduct psychological assessment of defendants and victims, or perform the necessary expertise for gun possession. In addition, their work is often critical in processes involving the well-being of children.

Did you realize how much psychology can contribute in many areas? The psychologist’s field of work is always expanding. This is why we see very recent niches, such as Sport Psychology, which seeks to achieve greater physical performance from emotional balance. Thus, psychological work brings very positive results, either in the clinic or outside of it.

What is psychotherapy?

Now let’s talk more directly about the clinical care of the psychologist. This is often the best known area of ​​the profession. Even so, it is surrounded by stereotypes. It is very common for people to be ashamed to go to a psychotherapist or even to tell others that they are undergoing therapy.

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