Slotxo Online betting games:

Welcome to the world of Slotxo Betting games. It is the most sought-after online slot site on the internet. Following is the list of Slotxo slot games that are very fun to play. You can win large sums of money very easily.

  • Slotxo Wild Giant Panda: This Slotxo game is a cute naughty little panda slot game that will make all your bets for you. The slot comes with a total of five reels, win two little panda wild symbols, and three, four, and five more wild symbols. You can get a higher multiplier reward rate according to the game system. With fifty winning lines, you can create more chances to win your game. Win three or more SCATTER symbols in Yin Yang symbols, get sixty baht in prize money plus ten free game spins.
  • Empress Regnant: The Slotxo empress regnant is the most beautiful Chinese emperor-type slot game. It makes you very passionate about the game with every bet you make. The game feature includes coming up with five reels and you can then win various symbols such as coins, dragon rings, etc. The WILD (Chinese Emperor) Symbol can be substituted for any symbol (except the seven-story tower SCATTER), so when you play the game, if the WILD symbol appears on reels 2,3, 4 then you will get a RESPIN each time. When you do not feel like spinning for yourself, the system will spin it for you. Additionally, you can play this game for free which is another plus point. 
  • Columbus: The Slotxo Columbus is a slot game that takes the form of a sailor man in the Roman period. This game will make you fascinated with every bet. This game contains five reels of different symbols on the reels and only ten win lines are available. But the payout rate is extremely high, especially when you press the spin and get the symbol. You can win prize money of up to 3000 baht.
  • Bushido Blade: The Slotxo Bushido Blade is a slot with a samurai warrior theme. It is a battle of Japanese people depicted in this game. There are a lot of graphic features. It is all done in Japanese style. There are 10 winning patterns with five reels in total, giving you a chance to win various symbols- such as warriors, samurai swords, English letters, and numbers 9, 10, etc. If these symbols are obtained in the same figure of three adjacent images, then you will receive three times the prize money. If four identical pictures and four adjacent images will receive four times the prize money. Finally, if it is the same picture and it is adjacent to five images, then it will receive a maximum of five times the prize money. The system also has a card game function for you to enjoy. By choosing the colour of the card (black) or (red) you can place and win bets accordingly. If your luck permits and you select the cards correctly, then you can receive twice the prize money of that round.