How To Write A Perfect Research Paper?

Research papers writers need to analyze their research topics, cover key aspects, process credible articles, and organize final studies properly. 

There are two types of such works. The typical research papers usually look like a long essay with the analyzed evidence, written by students in high school and colleges, analyzing primary and secondary sources without serious experiments. Serious research studies contain the review of information from past studies to expand or disapprove of researched topics by some experiments. Research work has 4 global parts, which can also be parted on several points, such as:

The First Part of the Research Study

  • Abstract section provides the study’s purpose, research questions or suggestions, and main findings with conclusions. It should be written by finishing the whole work and containing about 150 words; 
  • Outline – is a map of the study;
  • Introduction provides the main information on problem statements, the indication of methodology, key definitions, and the principal conclusion.

Research or Experiment & Literature Review

  • The literature review is always organized by summarizing some arguments and ideas from scholarly sources;
  • Materials and methods section covers explanations of the research scheme and experiment’s process.
  • In the Result section, scholars should present and illustrate their findings, using some tables and graphics if necessary.


  • Discussion part explains the result of previously noticed research or experiment, why the theory has reaffirmed or not;
  • Recommendations on how to improve this research so that other scholars can use evidence in further studies, they must write what they think in this section;
  • Limitations mean the consideration of research weaknesses and trying to avoid any restrictions, which can affect the study’s results.

The final part

  • Conclusion has total results and allegations of the research or experiment;
  • Acknowledgments or Appendix can include some extra information in text form or diagrams;
  • References show all used sources by following the format and academic rules.

As every work research paper has some format standards, like the length, style, format, and sources. These benchmarks can also define its content a little.

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