A short guide to know your Frenchie from a little closer

French bulldog is also known as the “Frenchie“. He has a round shape body, combined with the short legs and wrinkled nose. Wide mouth that looks like smiling all the time and the large ears that resemble bat ears make anyone laugh. The French bulldog has a cheerful and friendly character, although he may bark, to remind us that there are strangers around here.

Because the French bulldog’s nose is both wrinkled and short, he snores a lot while breathing and sleeping. His wide mouth also made him squeaky and often spilled water all over the house. French bulldog does not tolerate heat. Therefore, it must be placed in a room with a reasonable temperature and good ventilation

General characteristics of French bulldog dogs

  • Head: large, square shape. The skull between the two ears is quite flat. The forehead is slightly curved. Cheeks are clearly muscular.
  • Eyes: round, dark, medium in size. The position of the eyes is somewhat further from the ears. Eyes are not too deep or too bulging.
  • Nose: short, wide nostrils, the color may be black or lighter depending on the coat color. The bridge of the nose is clearly angled.
  • Mouth: wide and deep. Wattles are quite thick lips, strong jaw shut as having no teeth protruding
  • Collar: round, thick leather collar around the Adam’s apple somewhat wrinkled
  • Chest: wide and deep
  • Leg: both front legs are fairly spaced apart. The legs are straight, rather short, with muscular feet of good size, toes close to the hind legs. There are muscles of the hind feet slightly larger than the front feet.
  • Ears: look like bat ears, large ears, rather long ears. The end is rounded.
  • Body: short, round, curved back, relatively broad shoulder area, small waist.
  • Tail: straight or twisted into a spiral.
  • Fur: a short, soft and dense.
  • Height and weight: height 10-12 inches from small species weighing less than 22 pounds, a large breed weighing about 22-28 pounds.

Conclusion: warning!

If you notice that the Frenchie dog breathes through the mouth more frequently and abnormally, you should immediately bring him into the shade or air-conditioned room. And if you are sure that he might have a heat stroke (Convulsions due to heat), you should reduce his body temperature as soon as possible, such as pouring water over ice on top and took him to the doctor to give an injection for anti-seizure as soon as possible.