8 Safe and Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Dog

No one is just a dog owner these days. Humans have stepped up to their commitment. We are now pet parents. Gone are the days when our dogs are trained simply for protection or showmanship. Hardcore pet lovers spend many hours showering their beloved pooches with love and personalized dor ornaments simply because it makes them feel good too.

If you are a proud pet parent and you feel like you haven’t actually kept up to par with fellow dog lovers out there, check out this bucket list. Below are 11 safe and even healthy ways to spoil your furbaby.


Just as is the case in most men, the best way to your pooch’s heart is through his or her stomach. If you personalize your furbaby’s food, you can spend time with your pet in the kitchen making his nibbles from scratch. That, or you can browse through your directory for the best pet bakery and let your little one choose the specialty baked goodies he likes.


Both human babies and furbabies love time at the park. Not only will this provide your happy furbaby some exercise–it’s also the perfect opportunity for socialization. You can sneak in a little me-time too by jogging alongside your pet. Nothing spells love than some fitness time together, right?


You do not need to go to a specialized pet school just to teach your dog new tricks, but teaching your pooch new tricks on a regular basis does help ward off pet depression. You need to keep your pet busy or else he will feel neglected. It’s also good for both of your personal growth. Your furbaby learns new skills, while you hone your skills as your pet’s first teacher.


If you live alone, you might want to visit family once in a while with your furbaby. This is especially true with grandma’s house. Pets are like kids. They like socializing with other people, interacting with human kids (cousins!) and getting a lot of treats from their grandparents.

Belly Rubs

Let’s say you had a hard day at work and you are feeling a little too tired to go on a long walk–you don’t have to miss out on spoiling your furbaby. A simple message or belly rub will relax your pooch, and you too! They say touch is the best means of communication. Nothing spells love than some gentle, quality belly rub. Just watch out! Your dog could get very addicted to it.

Play with socks

Puppies especially like human footwear. It’s not really recommended for you to let your pet just chew on an old shoe, though. An old sock might be a better option. Roll it into a ball and teach your little pup how to fetch. If you want to go the extra mile, there are stores for personalized dog ornaments which embroider your pet’s name on a nice sock ball. They can’t really read but—neither can human babies, right? It’s just cute for us parents.

Car rides

Dogs amazingly love car rides, especially with the windows down. Let them enjoy the wind with their jowls a-flapping. It’s an economical and really fun activity for your pooch. Just don’t leave them inside the car especially on hot days.

Doggy hotels/daycares

Even if you are not going on vacation, leaving your pooch in a doggy hotel or daycare is better than leaving him alone at home. Pack his special toys and food and let him socialize with other furbabies, big and small. Think of it as preschool. You’re off to work, and the extra playtime with other pets can let him take his mind off missing you.

Pet parents can find a million and one ways to spoil their fur babies and at Ornaments With Love gives you myriads of options to spoil them some more. Check out our online shop for personalized dog ornaments today!