How to Choose the Right Pearl Strand Length to Match with Right Neckline?

Pearl jewelry is worn by majority of iconic woman including Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Audrey Hepburn, Zooey Deschanel, Jackie Kennedy, Sienna Miller, and Princess Grace. Pearls can be combined with leather and Boho jewelry. The trend never disappears but is always in style. The change in outfit styles does not impact the combination of right pearl strand length with right neckline. It is a staple.

How to choose right pearl strand length?

Choosing right strand length depends on the occasion. Pearl jewelry does not make you look understated but accentuates your style. It effortlessly reveals elegant ad relaxed. Consider the outfit’s neckline, besides the occasion. For example, long pearl necklace can be multi-layered for odd-shoulder or strapless dress.

Pearl necklace with choker length [10” to 14”]

Choker length is shortest and lies close to neck base. Wear pearl choker necklace with any kid of necklines ranging from V-necks, to boat neckline to conservative crewnecks. With strapless evening gown, pearl choker length looks gorgeous. Two to three strands in a choker-length necklace makes a statement, even on understated neckline. Layers brought together in a single clasp are suitable for informal and formal events.

Pearl strands with princess length [16” to 18”]

Princess length pearl necklace is more desirable as it pairs well with every kind of neckline. The strands fall from neck towards the hollow of your collarbone.

Pearl strands with matinee length [20” to 24”]

Matinee length pearl strands look great with collared shirts and even V-neck sweaters. You can even double the strands and wear them as choker for layered look. Layered pearls look adorable on black cashmere turtle neck.

Pearl necklace with opera length [30” to 36”]

Opera length pearl strands are suitable for formal wear including pantsuits and floor length cocktail dress with plunging neckline. Asymmetrical necklines including single shoulder top, when paired with opera length pearl bring class.

Pearl rope strand [36” and more]

She could double the rope strand for layered look. To get a sophisticated look just knot the rope strand. For an ideal fashion statement pair long length strands with short black dress having high neckline.