A guide to the types of casino games you can play online

When it comes to the online casino, you will never run of stuff you can do. There is no single time that you will have a shortage of games and each time, there are new games coming on board. This becomes great especially if you are a fan of online games due to the fact that, with just some few clicks, you could be playing some unique and different games that are new on a daily basis. Do you know the various casino games which are available? The variation which you can play? If not, then you can start with this small guide.

List of the online casino games 

The games you will usually find on a casino site and how you will find them listed on a casino website. With that, the guide will make it easier for you to locate your particular game which you might be most interested in. 

Each casino might list their games differently but the most variation on most sites includes:

    • Slots: – which includes progressives and 3D
    • Table games: – which include card games like baccarat, blackjack,, and paigow poker. You might also get dice games such as craps and roulette.

  • Video poker: It includes the poker games that are played on machines which are similar to slots
  • Specialty games: It comprises of anything else which doesn’t fit in the above categories such as scratch cards, keno, bingo, and lottery games. It could also include craps and roulette. 

There are some casinos which could have what is referred to as game section or arcade. That is where they will be able to list all the scratch card games and bingo. When you click on the general game which you think you want to play, you will find yourself on a page which is related to the the variations and the games.