Your Chances for the best Betting Options Now

Check out our list of betting sites with 토토사이트 접속이 and see what quotes are offered for major events. When choosing the best site, then make an account and deposit some amount or even use any bonuses it may offer.

Do your analysis

Like surebets, choose a game that is unimportant and long-awaited, as these events are priced. Give preference to those less important matches like local and friendly cup games. In these events, significant differences occur more frequently between quotations.

With support from your favorite statistics site, predictions, experts, and more, you’ll need to define how likely a particular team is to win. Please note that a lot of study is needed at this time, as your analysis should be more accurate than the bookmaking sites.

To have a good strategy, you need to know how to use and know the various types of bets offered by the sites. The handicap is advantageous and profitable so, depending on your analysis, you can extract more value with this betting mode. It consists in adding advantage to a weak team and taking advantage of the stronger team. These advantages, of course, are goals or points (depending on the sport). A handicap is then a type of bet that seeks to balance the strengths of the teams in question.

To begin with, try focusing on the “1X2 End Result” (where: 1 = team A win, X = null and 2 = team B win), as you can more easily find news to support your analysis.

Determining If It’s a Valuebet

Determine the probability of the result you select (you must calculate a percentage). Then write down the quote offered by the bookmaker. You may choose an underdog and that is where we can apply the Valuebet method.

Here is the mathematical formula of valuebet:

Valuebet = (Quota x the probability that the result you chose will occur) x 100

The result obtained must be greater than 1.

Valuebet Example

We base our example by choosing the prices of these two bookmakers:

  • Sporting Bet
  • Betting Online

Let’s get the game Flamengo x Corinthians. After accessing several statistical sites and reading the opinion of the specialized sports media, we calculated that Corinthians had a 65% chance of winning. If we divide 100 by this percentage, we will have the fair price for this event of 1.53. However, the bookmaker is offering a 1.75 quote to Corinthians as they believe in a slightly tighter game. The number obtained with the Valuebet mathematical formula is greater than 1. So this is a good bet to make, because in the long run the tendency is for this difference between the values to accrue to you.

Remember that bets must always be long term thinking, and as much as you don’t win now, math tends to be on your side as you make other bets.