Vein Doctor Krista Bannon–What to Expect When Recovering After Varicose Vein Treatment

If you suffer from varicose veins, you have one goal. You want to get rid of them. It’s not a problem that you can solve on your own. You will need to see a vein doctor to find the right solution for you. Thanks to modern technology, these bothersome veins can be treated much more easily today than in the past. You have options such as sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and endovenous ablation that involve minimally invasive procedures. That means a shorter recovery time for you. Vein doctor Krista Bannon of Metro Vein Centers in Michigan offers you advice on what to expect when you are recovering from one of the latest treatments available for varicose veins.

How Long Will Your Treatment Take?

You may need 45 minutes to an hour for your treatment, including prep before and monitoring you after your procedure. If you have several varicose veins that need to be treated or you are treating both legs, expect to come in for more than one visit. Sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and endovenous ablation are outpatient procedures. You will be in and out on the same day.

Can You Go Back to Work on the Same Day as Your Varicose Vein Treatment?

While you are allowed to return to your regular activities on the same day following varicose vein treatment, you will probably want to take the rest of the day off. You need to allow your local anesthetic to completely wear off. There is the possibility that you may be under the influence of a sedative if you requested it. Your area that has been treated will be tender and have some tightness. There may be some minor bleeding through your bandages. You will be most comfortable at home after your procedure. Your vein doctor will advise you to walk after your procedure. When you go home, don’t spend all of your time sitting or lying down. Get up and walk periodically. Change your bandages as needed. Avoid heavy lifting or any strenuous type of exercise for at least two weeks following your procedure.

When Will You See a Difference After Varicose Vein Treatment?

A week after your procedure, you may noticed that your treated veins are not as noticeable as before. They may not seem to protrude as much. However, it will take a month or more before your varicose vein is completely absorbed by your body.

Will You Experience Pain After Varicose Vein Treatment?

It is normal to feel some discomfort after your treatment. Don’t be alarmed if you see bruising in the area that was treated. You can take over-the-counter medication to relieve any pain that you may feel. If you feel severe pain, talk with your doctor. You should avoid soaking in hot tubs, taking a bath, or going in a swimming pool for ten days following your procedure. You can take a shower after varicose vein treatments.

Is it Possible to Develop Varicose Veins Again?

While your treatment options for varicose veins are extremely effective, there is always the possibility that new varicose veins will develop in the future. The best thing you can do is to keep a close watch on areas of concern. Make regular appointments with your vein specialist for an evaluation. The Metro Vein Centers of Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York offer you state-of-the-art treatment options and skilled specialists. Turn to the experts to learn more about your varicose vein treatment alternatives and how you can stay on top of your condition. Being proactive is the best way to keep your varicose veins under control.