Tips For Verifying The Authenticity Of Fake ID

Whether you’re trying to get into a bar or just need to get your groceries home, not having the right ID can be a real pain in the ass. But there are some easy ways to check if an ID is fake before you part with your money and risk getting in trouble for having no photo ID whatsoever.

Check The Edges Of The Card

  • Check the edges of the card. The edges of a fake ID will be smoother and less distinct than those on authentic IDs. For example, if you hold a real driver’s license up to a light and you can see through it, then it’s most likely fake because all state-issued licenses are made from PVC plastic and will not allow light to pass through them.
  • Check corners of the card. A fake ID may have rounded corners or jagged edges in comparison to an authentic one that has sharp corners with no extra space between them (except in cases where there is embossed text).
  • Examine embossing on your state’s seal or other designs featured on its license (e.g., scannable barcodes). If these patterns look too faint or blurry, then there might be some cause for concern!

Squint And Look For Vibrancy In The Image

When you’re looking at a fake id, the image should be clear and vibrant. It shouldn’t be blurry or out of focus. You should also check to see if the image is high quality: if it looks grainy or pixelated, then there’s a good chance that someone has tried to alter it (and thus your ID).

If you’re still unsure whether or not your friend has been duped by someone selling them a fake driver’s license online, try squinting while looking at their license photo–if they still look like themselves when you’ve squinted as much as possible without going blind from lack of light hitting your retinas, then chances are good that this person really does have some sort of valid government-issued identification card!

In addition to the ID card number, you should also check for watermarks or holograms on the front of your fake ID. These are used by states as a way of preventing counterfeiting and duplication.

In some cases, these security features will be visible from either side of your fake ID–that’s why it’s important that you check them closely before making any purchases online or visiting bars with friends! Some holograms can only be seen under bright light; others are visible in normal lighting conditions when viewed from certain angles (like this one).

There Are Easier Ways To Check If An Id Is Fake Than Using Your Phone

  • The edges of a real ID are going to be smooth and even. If you notice any jagged or rough spots on a card, it’s probably fake.
  • Check for holograms in two places: one on the front of your license (in most states), and another at the back where it says “licensee.” A fake will have fewer or none at all–or they may not be in their proper place.
  • Finally, look at the watermark on your driver’s license; if it looks blurry or distorted in any way then chances are good that this is not actually an official piece of identification from DMV headquarters!

Hopefully that this article has given you some helpful tips on how to spot a fake ID. Remember, if in doubt about an ID’s authenticity, don’t use it! Make sure to only order your fake identity card here.