Specific Reasons To Create Baldwin County Bail Bonds System

Ideally, the job of a bail bond agent or a bail bondsman is to act as a surety. It can be any individual or a corporation qualified enough to pledge property or money as bail of behalf of the person accused for the appearance in court. There are several different contractual agreements through which such baldwin county bail bonds are offered. These agreements are pre-set with the court systems. The bail bondsman is therefore an essential help to anyone who is stuck in a jail. This system is a by-product of the common law that dates back to 13th century England.

The modern practice

The bails are offered for temporary release or for pending trials and since its introduction it has evolved in the United States and all over the world. However, there are a few states where these bonds have ceased to exist. The primary objective of these bind creation was to provide a proper balance in the playing field among the rich, poor and the middle class when they are accused of committing a crime. These bonds provide people with more options but the most significant one is to give an assurance that the defendant will appear at the trial without requiring and detention of the defendant in custody.

The statistical data

Use of these bonds is extensive in the legal system. According to the data of Bureau of Justice Statistics of US Department of Justice, 38% of defendants were released in the urban cities because they could meet with the financial obligation. Another report of the nonprofit Pretrial Justice Institute showed that 53% of people nationwide accused of felonies were not able to post bail and this number is even worse for the poor defendants.  These bonds give same benefit to the poor like the rich, freedom during trial and save taxpayers’ money.