Some Priceless Tips for a Better Penis Envy Shrooms Experience

Hey, have you ever enjoyed or heard about penis envy shrooms or mushrooms? If yes, then you are well aware of the fact that they are hard-hitting.

Penis envy shrooms are recommended by doctors to treat numerous health’s, mental and recreational issues. You can purchase them from any of the online or offline weed stores at your convenience. 

However, remember you can enjoy much more perks if you prefer a trusted dispensary. Unlike offline, online weed stores offer numerous benefits. For example, security, different varieties, different payment options etc. One of the best online dispensaries for enjoying all of these merits is Shroomsdirect. The store deals with a variety of products in different shapes, colors and has a wide customer base.

Can I start my dosage from the maximum?

Starting your dosage from the maximum is not a good idea. Start from the minimum and increase the limits with time if recommended by your doctor. 

Can I drive after taking penis envy shrooms?

After taking your dosage you lose the power to take decisions. Meanwhile, from where to start, whether to start or not and when to turn. So, after taking your dosage never drive or operate heavy machines.

Tips for a better experience

Here are some points to be remembered for a better experience. 

1. Have a friend

As a beginner, never take your shrooms when you are alone. Have an experienced buddy with you who can help if something goes wrong. If you are a beginner, then start with 1-2 grams of penis envy shrooms. 

The product can provide you a better experience. However, if something goes wrong then it can harm you a lot.

2. The dosage is different for different levels

Unlike regular strains, penis envy is highly potent. If it is your first trip, then 0.7 to 1.25 grams are sufficient. Contrary to it, experienced users can take up to 4 grams. Moreover, they must avoid eating anything before 3 hours of penis envy shrooms trip. This is because to get the most out of the shrooms trip.

3. Consume shrooms when you are in a good emotional and mental state

For a better experience, it is a must to be in a good mental state. In addition to this, never mix the shrooms with drugs as it will ruin the shroom’s experience. Also, ignore taking penis envy shrooms after drinking alcohol.

4. Prepare yourself

Nevertheless, the environment in which you consume shrooms says a lot about the experience you receive. So, make yourself comfortable and keep sufficient water with you to stay hydrated. 

Furthermore, for a better experience go for high-quality shrooms. To purchase quality products, visit trusted stores like Shroomsdirect.

The bottom line

No doubt, penis envy shrooms are great to get rid of various issues. Their dosage depends on your metabolism, weight, age and several other factors. Before purchasing them from any online or offline store check the laws of your state. Avoid their usage if you are not of legal age, suffering from lungs problem or if the consumption of shrooms is illegal in your state.