Penis Health: Consider These 6 Indirect Factors

When it comes to penis health, most men know the basics: wash well, wear protection and engage in frequent solo or partner play. If a man isn’t aware of factors that indirectly impact his penis health, though, the more direct approaches will only do so much good. A healthy sex life is key to mental and physical well-being, so men should make it a priority to educate themselves concerning the many ways in which they can promote a healthy manhood, which means knowing the habits that can harm the member.


Cigarettes are known for calming nerves, but they do so in a detrimental way. Chemicals in cigarette smoke actually damage nerves in the body and interfere with their ability to experience pleasurable sensations. That’s a big problem when it comes to the penis.

But that’s not all. Cigarette smoke negatively impacts circulation. Erectile health hinges on proper blood flow through the body, since erections are caused by blood rushing into the penis. In studies, smokers have exhibited poorer erection quality than non-smokers. Quitting can reverse the damage.


A night of heavy drinking can hamper a man’s erectile strength by dampening his ability to sense pleasure. It can also interfere with the body’s ability to hold blood in the penis for a strong erection due to alcohol’s effects on blood vessels. Chronic heavy drinking may inhibit proper testosterone production; this hormone is imperative for erectile ability and sex drive. Heavy drinkers also have a higher rate of depression, which is no good for the sex drive.

Poor dental hygiene

Taking care of one’s teeth is not only important from an aesthetic standpoint; poor dental hygiene often corresponds with a buildup of bacteria caused by gum disease, and this bacteria gets into the blood stream where it damages blood vessels. In the penis, this can translate to poor erectile health as vessels are less capable of supporting proper circulation.


A diet high in fats and sugars and low in nutrients doesn’t promote healthy circulation, and can mess with one’s energy levels. Follow the basics: plenty of fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors and lean proteins; limit fats and sugars.