mustard for hair

The abundance of industrial shampoos allows customers to choose the option for every taste and budget, but those who care about their health and attractive appearance of hairstyles often choose natural products for washing their hair. Among time-tested recipes, mustard for hair and compositions based on it dominate.

The action of masks and shampoos based on mustard powder is similar to the effect of compounds based on red pepper and other hot spices. The warming and tonic effect allows you to enhance the growth of hair follicles, activate the “sleeping” ones, then, due to improved blood supply, make the hair more healthy and stronger. Additional results: normalization of sebaceous glands, elimination of dandruff.

Mustard for dry hair may seem too powerful, but in combination with nutritional supplements – oils, egg yolk, fermented milk products – masks with mustard powder will be very effective.

The main principle of using such a mustard is applying it in the form of gruel (powder plus water) with various additives on the hair roots. To enhance the warming effect, it is recommended to add sugar, to soften – oil. The duration of the mask’s stay on the hair in Manhattan is determined empirically: burning sensation should be moderate and not cause discomfort.

 The simplest option of home mask is a mustard powder diluted with water, as additives you can use:

– honey;

– egg yolk;

– essential oils.

If you wash your hair with mustard, you can noticeably improve its condition and make the care more natural.

It should be noted that in conditions where the use of industrial shampoo is unacceptable for reasons of environmental damage, replacing it with mustard is a real salvation for women who want to maintain an attractive look.

You should remember that mustard can cause allergies, as well as honey and essential oils that are part of masks and shampoos. Before applying the composition, it is necessary to do a test!

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