Fuel Saving Technology – Converting Your Car to Run on Water

If you are a car owner, you will be asking what is the latest fuel saving technology. Is it electric car, fuel cell or solar power? All these seem like science fiction to most layman. With the current high global crude oil prices, many people are finding it increasing expensive to run their car. That is why any practical fuel saving technology will be a blessing. There is one method, which is not new but can increase a car gas mileage. It is the process of converting your car to run on water.

Can a car run on purely water? The answer is no. However, a car can run on one of the component of water, which is hydrogen gas (H2). As we have learnt in science class, water is made of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen thus H2O. To make you car run on water is to extract the hydrogen gas and divert it into the air intake of the car. For the time being, burning H2 alone to power a car engine is not enough. It has to be mixed and burnt with the conventional gasoline vapor in the combustion chambers.

When a car uses hydrogen gas, gasoline and air mixture fuel, it will create a bigger and stronger explosion which will generate a higher power output from the engine. By using the same amount of gas but with a higher torque level, theoretically you can increase your car mileage.

How do you extract hydrogen gas from water? You use a simple process call electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process where the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen are separated by using electricity. A electrolysis device can be built with parts you can purchase from a hardware store. The electricity can be tapped from the car 12 volt battery. What you will need is some tools, a step by step instructional guide and some patience. It will be helpful if you have a mechanic friend to help you along. The good news is, the conversion process is totally reversible just in case you have a second thought about putting an additional system in your car.