Driving Without The Wires

At home, one of the things that we would like to own are those appliances and gadgets that sure could work without having to plug them right up. If they are portable or if they run on batteries, then, they would be mostly easy to sell and can be easily found in homes.

Now it looks like such a fad is also taking over the automotive world. You may not think so much about this for all you are focusing your attention on right now are your car’s Ford Crown Victoria parts for you really wanted to give your vehicle that extraordinary exterior look. But if you were really into mobility and all, then you may be very much interested in the new range of gadgets that have been coming out. These may be the kind of things you would want to give you and your passengers a totally different driving (and riding) experience.

A couple of days ago, Unwired Vehicles, Inc. had launched out their new device which they call the UVIA M100. This one is a device that offers mobile infotainment and people can simply purchase this one and mount it on their vehicles on their own. The launch was held at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.

What this UVIA M100 has got to offer is that it uses mobile broadband that has got the highest speed ever. And when it is totally installed, those passengers who may be feeling left out in the rear would most certainly be having more fun than those in the front. You see, this UVIA M100 allows rear passengers to actually watch videos, check their emails, go chatting with other people online, check out music videos, browse the web, and do many other things.

Also, the UVIA M100 takes full advantage of the 3G mobile broadband type of internet connection. Any website or any kind of feature that one needs the internet to use can be fully functional with the UVIA M100. You would think that you were in the comfort of your own home and not in your vehicle.