Do You Know How to Configure Security on Your iPhone?

IOS devices offer multiple security options. Understanding them and learning how to use them can help us protect the data we store on them.

Protecting our personal information should be one of our top priorities. For this, Apple tries to offer us a series of options that provide us with this protection. By configuring these security features, we can prepare our device to face a large number of threats.

In addition to including these security options in its products, before publishing a new application in the App Store or putting a new device on sale, Apple carries out various quality and security tests, thus making sure that its apps and devices meet minimum requirements when it comes to protecting our information.

It may be difficult for us to be up to date with all the security options available on our mobile devices like when you need unlock iphone near me, but we must make an effort to know them and learn how to use them to our advantage. The better configured these options are, the more secure we and our information will be.

How To Secure Your Data On Ios?

Although hacking on an iOS smartphone or iPad is uncommon, it is possible to protect your data by installing an iOS security app. There are also several other ways to limit your daily risks.

Avoid Passwords That Are Too Easy

When you turn on your smartphone, you will enter your PIN code to unlock your mobile. If the first time it is a default PIN code type 1234 or 0000, it is recommended to change it from the first use.

Indeed, these default codes known to all do not prevent anyone from entering your smartphone and accessing your data.

Therefore, it is preferable to use a more complex code (a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, a fingerprint, etc.).

In addition to this PIN code, you can also add an unlock code on your home screen. Thus, in the event of loss or theft of your iPhone or your iPad, no one will have access to its content, even if your phone is on.

To do this:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings,
  • In the Touch ID and code section, click on Activate code,
  • Enter the code of your choice, which you must enter each time you open your smartphone,
  • Confirm the unlock code.
  • You can also choose to use Touch ID, placing your fingerprint on the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to unlock your device.