Carpet Cleaning Services in Orlando

Nobody misunderstands the need to keep their home clean but often overlook the needs of carpet toward maintaining a healthy place to live. The same is especially true as well with business interests, whether rental homes or office areas as the people who use the spaces have an expectation of using sanitary places to either live or work in. Orlando carpet cleaning services can be as simple as calling Atlantic Coast Carpet Cleaning powered by Dan Dan the Carpet Man for any home or commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Deep Carpet Cleaning versus Regular Vacuuming

On a weekly basis, a regular vacuum cleaner is acceptable to remove dirt, dust, or even pet hair. However, at least once per year the carpet needs a thorough professional cleaning to both remove bacteria and extend the life of the carpet. Of course, any spills or stains which often occur also require professional services. It simply doesn’t make sense for the layman to purchase or rent the equipment professional Orlando carpet cleaning services already owns because they use it daily, meaning they not only have the gear but know how to use it to get the best results.

Atlantic Coast Carpet Cleaning further has access to professional and proprietary cleaning solutions which are stronger than what is generally available to the public. They clean not only to make the carpet beautiful again, but also to disinfect it and freshen it with deodorizer, or depending on the level of service needed, add such benefits as cleaning under furniture and adding stain protectant after the actual cleaning is finished.

Full Cleaning Services

Another benefit of hiring a company associated with Dan Dan the Carpet Man is full service cleaning while they are there, meaning they can handle more chores than just carpet. They have the equipment and experience to also clean area rugs, upholstery, or even tile floors and grout lines. Yet another service they provide is water restoration after a plumbing or roof leak. As it turns out, the same equipment used to clean carpet also works great to remove water, and the techniques and materials used for carpet cleaning will help remove mold and provide a fresh scent in such instances.


For your Orlando carpet cleaning services, contact us at Atlantic Coast Carpet Cleaning. You’ll find our service technicians to be polite and courteous and provide a guarantee that all work will be completed to your satisfaction. Whether you need an annual deep cleaning for your house or are in need of ongoing services for apartments, rental homes, or commercial space, one of our representatives will be happy to discuss how we can best provide the help you need not only in Orlando but in the surrounding areas as well.