Boosting services in online games

In online or offline video games, boosting may also refer to the act where user gives the access of his online gaming account to an elo player and the player in return for payment will boost the rank for the account. Once the desired rank or level has been attained as per the owner of the account, it is given back with complete access.

Is it ethical or unethical 

In the world of competitive online gamings, boosting is considered to be a wrong practise followed by many new player in order to increase their ranks without spending any gameplay time like others. Boosting is a process where the pro player accepts a form of payment from the player and access his account and play on his behalf to increase the ranks and level.Boosting is not legal and allowed in all game, however, it is allowed as a part of some online game. But boosting through any unregistered source, may leadto a ban. The term “boosted” may also be used in a chat as a, to imply that a player do not have the necessary skills that makes him good enough to play with the other players.

Is it allowed by gaming developers

Boosting is not unethical unless done in a way that it does not hamper, change or modify the game settings and the way it is meant to be played. Many game developers do allow boosting companies to boost a player profile. However, that is mainly the case with online gaming. Many other game developers do not allow boosting because as per them it changes the way the entire game community is playing. Developers want people to spend their time in the game and earn the rank as they succeed. As per them boosting removes all the excitement of gameplay by simply increasing the rank.