Things to keep in mind while using paintings of decoration 

For homeowners there are plenty of options to enhance their home looks. They can try different wall designs, paint the walls, go for decorative hanging items etc. Nowadays, most of the people are using tradition and old paintings to decorate their home walls. There are many fine art and traditional paintings that can be hung at your working place or in living space to show your financial status to others. In today’s time, everyone is busy in showing their financial status and reputation but don’t pay much attention towards cleaning. 

It is obvious that every decorative item whether at your home or work place experiences dirt and dust deposit. This decreases its shining quality and results in dullness. To avoid such condition, you must follows some tips like.      

Before cleaning avoid the causes 

Before cleaning you should know what causes damage and results in dust accumulation. This is the first step towards cleaning.  To protect your painting from dirt deposit, you can apply a varnish coat that does not allow it to accumulate on the painting surface and maintain its shining for a long period. Before using varnish on your painting make sure it is suitable for your painting or not.  Always use soft and dry cloth to wipe your painting because hand and wet cloth can damage your artwork. 

Cleaning and protecting your paintings 

Improper display and storage is the common cause of damage of artwork and painting frames. Paintings like wildflower photography include such paints that are mainly light-sensitive. You should always place your artwork at places where there is no direct sunlight. Sometimes, a humid and extreme hot temperature can also have negative impact on your paintings. Before hanging your paintings on the wall ensure that it should not have any leakage or humidity. You can also frame your artwork in a glass frame to avoid humidity and direct sunlight.