Hardcore Poppers – The Best Poppers Brand

What are Poppers?

You have probably seen poppers already at some point in your life, and will therefore be aware that they come in small inconspicuous bottles and are in most cases inhaled directly from these bottles. But do you actually know what is inside? Poppers is a slag term used to describe alkyl nitrates – This is what is generally found in poppers bottles. Nitrates such as these were once used to treat angina and chest pains, however although poppers can in some cases still be used in traditionally ways, it is highly apparent that the majority of poppers users use them recreationally! The two main reasons why people use poppers are the world are:

  • To relax muscles and enhance sexual experiences
  • To feel an intense but short-lasting ‘head rush’ or ‘high’

Poppers have a very strong solvent smell and it is vital that anyone using poppers read the instructions that they come with before using them, including safety and storage instructions. You generally take poppers by simply sniffing them straight from the bottle of on an absorbent cloth, but it is vital that you know how much you need and want to take.

Hardcore Poppers

With so many both physical and online stores now selling poppers, and such a vast range of poppers brands now available it can be hard for people to determine the best ones – Don’t worry we are here to tell you about the best poppers – Hardcore Poppers.

Hardcore Poppers are again, what they suggest – Poppers that are ‘hardcore’ and super-strong!  Hardcore poppers are perfect for people looking for highly potent poppers that provide maximum effects, and have because of this grown to become one of the world’s most famous poppers brands!

Liquid Gold Poppers

If you want to try Hardcore Poppers, you will be happy to learn that it has never been easier, with online poppers suppliers such a Liquid Gold Poppers now selling poppers online, with quick, efficient and discreet delivery options. Not only this, but Liquid Gold Poppers also offer Hardcore Poppers at low and affordable prices, as follows:

  • 3 x 10ml bottles of Hardcore Poppers for £10.50
  • 20 x 10ml bottles of Hardcore Poppers for £60

The company sell these poppers to their customers’ every day, and have over 3000 regular and returning customers, highlighting that the company only offer the best poppers and services. Some of the most recent reviews from people that have ordered Hardcore Poppers from Liquid Gold Poppers include:

Rabbit – 5*s – “Great product. Not harsh, just an amazing feeling.”

Nippie – 5*s – “Fantastic, lovely and quick.”

Anon – 5*s – “Long and intense effects.”

Anon – 5*s – “I was happy with the goods, which arrived in one piece, and well packaged.”

What are you waiting for? If you want to give Hardcore Poppers a try and see what all of the fuss is about, do not hesitate to visit the Liquid Gold Poppers website today where you should be able to find everything that you are looking for and more.

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