Get Your Own Letter from Santa Claus

Kids these days are way more advanced and smarter! They are technologically so bent that fooling them with the Santa Claus myth is quite difficult. Yet cultivating the practice of making them believe in fantastical elements is fun. Letter from Santa Claus and written to him can be really thought-provoking. How?

The practice of receiving letters from Santa is quite recent. Initially, it was the other way round. Those letters would help parents counsel their ward, weighing on their mischiefs! Gradually, the tradition’s main attraction became gifts.

The letters were written are funny stories or childish demands from young boys and girls. These notes are a sneak peek into their psychology. Often children narrate their sufferings, worries, and desires in the letters. The timelessness of the ritual all across the world, irrespective of race and religion has shown its deep impact.

These letters have been conventionally answered by parents. Parents would tick the wishlist and also write notes to morally boost the kids. Now there are online websites that write a letter from Santa Claus. Parents can be relieved from the constant nagging whether they posted if the postal address was correct.

In the online medium, you can rest assured that the letters would reach “Santa” and you would get a reply back.

The fields that need to be filled are simple and short. First, the name of the child and their place of birth is to be mentioned. Next, the gender field has to be filled up. Then, if you have siblings, you can mention that. The subsequent fields are important.

Firstly, a yearly review of how the child has been being helpful for self-introspection. If the child points out his or her own mistakes and owns up to them, it means they have understood their faults. Based on this when the letter from Santa Claus is received, Saint Nick gives advice and invites room for introspection.

Secondly, the list of demands can help induce gratitude among children. They will learn to be thankful for gifts and learn to be disciplined, in order to be in the good books of Santa Claus.

Lastly, if a child wants to share furthermore about their experiences, it would be a purgatory experience. Maybe, they haven’t been able to share that with parents and opening up to Santa seems more approachable.

The creative outlook should be nurtured. Writing letters and beautifying them should be thoroughly emphasized. This is one important way of improving their writing skills as kids would want their letters to look attractive, in order to fetch brownie points from Santa!

The image of Santa Claus, from a strict disciplinarian to cute Saint Nick has been quite a long journey. The tradition makes Christmas extra special for children as they look forward to gifts and notes. If they get a personalized letter from Santa Claus, their level of excitement would be unbounded. Therefore, parents should encourage their toddlers to write letters.

As Christmas is closing in and it is almost that time of the year, make haste, get your kids going and surprise them with a letter from Santa Claus!