Dwayne Craddock’s Best Screen Production

The name of Dwayne Craddock broke the internet for several reasons; the primary one being the mass murder and the secondary one being his curious history. Not only was he highly educated and earned a degree as a public Utilities Engineer but he is also a former member of Virginia National Guard. But this article is not to shade light on his after change deeds but to show what he was before, and if such a person can go through such an abrupt change then how far are we from being a sociopath!!!

The Promise and the fall

Over the last few centuries, we have seen the age of promises and the collapse of them! The promise of The Bible simply collapsed as the fall of Christianity took place through the emergence of Science. The theory of evolution, Marxism and Psychology,, decimated the old standing virtues and faith. The rise and fall of dictatorship also happened during the 2nd world war and the fall of communism got marked by the collapse of Soviet Union.

Stalin rose to the power slaughtering the promises of equality and hence, people lost faith in the promises of communism and started to mark the difference between the promises and the actual result. So, in came an era of Charles Mansions, Ted Bundy’s, and as people were desperately trying to clutch onto some promises, they believed in almost anything with some magnanimity in it!

The Screen Productions that highlighted the Villains:

Post world War scenario was gruesome. And the reflection of it is clearly visible in the bruises of philosophers’, painters’, musicians’ works. Everyone was talking about change but that change never came along; people sank into more and more depressions. Frustrations and anger sank into their character and brewed for a few decades. And as it was inevitable the emotions and the rage exploded, or rather imploded within many; a new genre of men came on the surface, as terrorists, serial killers and sociopaths.

The supressed rage, sexual frustrations, power hunger and social depravityfound their way through bloodsheds.Dwayne felt in the similar manner when he came across the popular TV series The Mind hunter. This tv series shows the thought process of the serial killers and their compelling behavioural patterns in their crimes. Somehow, they don’t seem to us asflat rated villains but as mad philosophers who perceived the world from an entirely different light. The character of Charles Mansion deserves special attention.

A man, whomade people to kill other people, is simply through words. Through his predictions of helter skelter and his promise of a new world he twisted the minds of his followers while he did not get his own hands even remotely dirty. Dwayne was fascinated by the cult leader and later mentioned that Mansion’s speeches and the crimes happening in the societyrocked him and he wanted to bring a change in that stagnant depression some waves. And he simply chose violence, guns and mass shooting as his purgation!