Instagram Likes and your Choices

On the other hand, be generic. Giving accurate information about where you are can be problematic for you, but marking a city or a neighborhood helps a lot, by increasing the chances of your publications being visited by people in your region.

Interact with accounts linked to your content

This step is crucial. Find profiles of users, brands or companies connected to your line of publications and interact with them. Tag them on photos, comment and like your photos, mention them directly in your posts and endorse products, even if you are not sponsored at first.

Don’t get into the “I’ll only publish if I win gift / get paid” wave, as this makes you an unsympathetic one. If you are starting, be sincere and speak well of what you like, and even criticize (constructively, after all you are trying to establish your own brand) what you don’t like and point out mistakes. And understand that everyone comes out from below, so know how to captivate them to increase your chances of future partnerships. You can Buy Cheap Instagram Likes and make the whole process all the more perfect also.

Produce good videos

Photos aren’t enough, Instagram also supports videos, so it’s important to use the tool well . Produce attractions within your reality, such as a tutorial, a teaser of a future project, an idea you want to share, anything.

In short, be creative and always try to create quality videos, with good lighting and locations. Performing well, having a good diction and knowing what you are talking about is also very important for a first-rate final result.

Learn to use Instagram Stories, Boomerang and Carousel

Instagram Stories is today one of the most accessed resources by users of the social network, having even outnumbered Snapchat . Thus, it is important to create videos and photos that call the user to the main publications, as well as exclusive attractions. As such content only lasts for 24 hours (you can save them in independent galleries, and a tip is to separate them by themes), post interesting content for your followers to search for.

Likewise, use Boomerang, which creates a GIF in a one-second loop, and Carousel , which aggregates more than one photo or video in a single post. Learn to work with your subjects and create pieces that attract your audience, such as a Boomerang with dramatic effect or a collection of images related to a unique event, for example.

Make live streams

And if we talk about videos, it’s also important to serve your audience with live streams of content relevant to your channel. It can be a launch, a trip, the coverage of an event, but always try to stay within your niche.

A good example to entertain your audience is to conduct question and answer sessions, so that followers can get closer to you, or your brand, and interact directly.


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